Featured Products:
The Angle One intelligent baby monitor and language coach, a new way to promote early-learning while providing enhanced monitoring and security to newborns.
Intelligent Apps:
StoryTeller – compose short-stories and prose with the help of voice-enabled personal assistants, then share your stories with dramatic reinactments using high-quality synthesized human-like speech.
3187597495 Count / Count 2 – Do more than set a timer, with Count, your tool enabling your virtual assistant with the ability to vocalize counting between any two whole numbers.
(475) 888-2659 Chatty Becky – The nostaglia of 1950’s – 60’s America comes to life in this fun and sometimes strangely poignant reimagination of a classic pull-string doll as a modern, AI-enabled personality.


Logo and Service Mark

Something Wicked, Inc.™ is a product development studio, focused on bringing to market new and emerging applications that utilize cloud-based machine-learning and deep-learning techniques to educate and entertain evolving user communities.

Our Expertise

We have expertise in the development of multi-modal interface design and non-traditional interface modalities such as folk languages, gestures, ambient and passive sensors, haptic response and many others. Our efforts support high-end graphics frameworks like Unity™ and Unreal Engine™ as well as voice-based platforms like Amazon Alexa™, and Google Assistant™. We also produce control software for virtual reality displays, and other control logic supporting both active and passive data acquisition in public interactive displays.

Product Focus

We produce applications that utilize artificial intelligence platforms enabling voice-based dialog with products for Amazon Alexa™, including ‘count©’, ‘storyteller©, ‘dance-on©’, ‘Chatty Becky©’ and supporting apps for our Guardian® line of smart baby ‘coaches’, like the AngleOne™.  Product development, from hardware design to app coding, is something we’re passionate about.

Community Development

We view the applications and hardware products that we create as enabling tools for growing user communities, around major themes of interest and utility. We believe strongly that the goal of any product, particularly involving entertainment and learning, should be to build strong connections between people of all ages who enjoy the process of discovery. The hardware and software we produce is designed to be practical and fun, which is not always easy to build. In spite of this, we’re most proud of the connections we help foster, and the new friends our users make every day.

Founders and Organization

Something Wicked™ was founded by Todd Colletti and Henk Van Niekerk in San Francisco, California, with the primary intention of designing and publishing gaming and ‘edutainment’ titles that built upon non-traditional experiences and stories from underrepresented cultures and people. Borrowing a great deal from experiences managing the development and marketing of major gaming franchises like PlayStation™ and GameSpot™, Something Wicked™ works science like magic to bring truly original concepts to light.

Something Wicked™ is a privately-held C-Class corporation, incorporated in the State of Delaware, with offices in San Francisco, California.

Unity™ and Unreal Engine™ are trademarks of Unreal Technologies.  Amazon Alexa™ is a trademark of  Google Assistant™ is a trademark of Alphabet, Inc.  PlayStation™ is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. GameSpot™ is a trademark of CBS Studios, Inc.   Something Wicked™and the Something Wicked Logo are trademarks of Something Wicked, Inc. The Guardian® AngleOne™ is a registration mark and trademark of Something Wicked, Inc.  STORYTELLER, CHATTY BECKY,  DANCE-ON, and the COUNT applications are COPYRIGHT © 2018 – Something Wicked, Inc. All Rights Reserved.