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Unrelated but still super annoying: It's 2018. When you create a PHP app, there's no reason to ask people to download your code and unzip it. Help your user and let them use Composer to install it. And now back to the subject at hand: Even though the above is

Before you read this post, what do you think of it?

Why do you keep insisting on having this "Rate-the-app"-popup when users open the app for the first time? Do you think two seconds is enough for people to assess the quality of your creation? What would you think if a movie director attacked you in the movie cinema and


Will your next project be a total success or an epic fail? If you notice any of the following signs you should probably put on a rain coat because the sh*t is about to hit the fan. Unfortunately, I'm speaking from experience. When the client and the sales team

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I've been working as a web developer for 15+ years. During this time I've seen technologies, frameworks and software come and go. One recurring theme is the total obsession for new tools. I remember when Flash and Shockwave was the rage. Every site, regardless what it was, just had to


A developers day is often filled with frustration and a lot of WTF's. It can be anything from legacy code that just doesn't make any sense, project managers that are way off or clients that just HAVE to have that animated GIF of a spinning e-mail in the header. I