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Things to Consider When Picking 5106023264

Everyone wants the best real estate agent in the business. And if you believe all of the bench ads, yard signs, and filler mail, practically every agent is already the best. So it can often seem like there is not much to consider when figuring out which agent will give you the best service. But in reality it is a little more complicated then that. You'll need to cut through all of the hype before making your decision. Here are some things to consider when you are picking your next real estate agent.

1. Talk to Current Clients

If you make a formal request, various agents will give you a list of homes they've sold in recent months, complete with basic contact information. Don't be afraid to contact their previous clients and see how their experience was, and if they would recommend that you work with them too. If you're a seller, it might be prudent to ask other sellers questions like how long they waited for their property to sell and whether they had to come down from the asking price. It will be worth your time in the end, so take a few minutes to make some calls.

2. Check Out Overall Ratings

Each state has a real estate board that provides proper licensing and possible disciplinary measures to local agents. You can often find this information online with a quick search. Do some research on your potential agent to see satisfaction ratings, training, and whether there are any outstanding red flags in the agent's history. Consider looking for agents that have won awards from industry organizations as well. These are obviously hard to come by, so it's not a huge requirement to find one of the best Realtors.

3. Look for Highly-Trained Specialists

As with many professions, real estate agents will often specialize in a particular subset of real estate. Even those who do not specialize, will often add extra courses of training to give them an edge. The various letter combinations succeeding a Realtor's name are a clue to how dedicated they are in a specific area. There are agents that acquire training to help buyers, sellers, senior citizens and others. Note that hiring an agent that uses the word Realtor in their title is a sign that they've agreed to abide by the code of ethics set by the National Association of Realtors, which in general is a good sign.

4. Go For Someone With Experience

Most leaders in the industry recommend checking out how long a particular agent has been in business. They suggest hiring one that has worked for at least five years. Anything less, and they might not be the agent for you.

5. Get Someone Who Knows the Local Market

Get someone who is familiar with the trends in Summerlin and neighboring communities. Keep these things in mind, and you'll already have a solid knowledge base for finding a Summerlin Realtor that meets your needs. Give us a call at: (702) 986-0390 If you'd like to talk to us!